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Re: CVS management of /etc - permissions problem

From: Mark
Subject: Re: CVS management of /etc - permissions problem
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 10:04:59 -0700 (PDT)

--- address@hidden wrote:
> I've recently tackled a problem I've wanted to solve with CVS for a long
> time now - namely, managing the configuration of a Unix machine
> (especially desktop Linux machines), via CVS.

I do this to a certain extent as well.


> To this end I've written a script which checks in as much or as little
> of /etc's text files as you want.  And now I've found that CVS is
> getting in the way, by wiping the group and file and directory
> permissions of the files being added.  (It doesn't change the
> permissions of the files you add - but the permissions etc. in the
> archive seem to owe more to your umask than to the file.  So, for
> example, /etc/passwd would be readable by everybody, or /etc/profile
> might not be readable by anyone except root.)

On checkout/update your umask seems to manage directory permissions. But for
files, it seems to be a combo of respository permissions and umask. If you add
fileA, in the CVS repository fileA,v is 444. If you chmod on it in the CVS repo
to make it 400, then a checkout will only give the account checking out access
to the working copy. This works pretty well for me to preserve working copy
access for owner/group/other on my system files.


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