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watch mode

From: Sean Gillings
Subject: watch mode
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 10:30:24 +0200


We are using CVS v1.10 ('Hailbut' ?) on SunOS 5.6 & I want to start using
watch functionality on our development projects.

I intend to use 'cvs watch on <dir>' to ensure developers have to use 'cvs
edit'. I could set it on my local copy of the files (ie after a 'cvs
checkout <module>') & then I got read-only copies. But surely I need to set
it on the server so all remote users get the same result? I want to set cvs
watch add -a edit (& -a commit). The problem I got trying to do it on the
CVS server itself is shown below:

cvs watch: in directory Dev:
cvs [watch aborted]: there is no version here; do 'cvs checkout' first

We never checkout/commit on the CVS server, it just has the 'raw' library
files (ie source files, ',v' files, config files, CVS directories etc). I
had hoped to not touch those (ie by doing a cvs checkout) in case I broke

I hope you can help & I look forward to hearing from you.


PS. Is it possible to use a direct terminal notification in addition to the
mail user option? I tried editing the CVSROOT/notify config file to use echo
but was getting weird broken pipe messages from CVS/operating system. Is it
possible to do this & if so how? Basically, I just want a user to see a
message like "Warning: another user is editing this file" or "Warning:
another user has committed this file since you checked it out" etc.

Sean Gillings
Senior Consultant (EMEA), Syndesis Ltd
Mobile: +44 (0)7876 244428
Email: address@hidden

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