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move away ... it is in the way

From: Olaf Meding
Subject: move away ... it is in the way
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 17:44:10 -0500

Why would I get the below error message?

   cvs checkout: move away dir/file; it is in the way

These commands fail:
cvs co -D "2001-09-13 00:30" code/optimization/productOpt
cvs co -D "2001-09-13 00:30" code/build code/build/config/buildList.txt
cvs co -D "2001-09-13 00:30" code/build code/build/config
cvs co -D "2001-09-13" code/build code/build/config/buildList.txt

These commands work:
cvs co -D "2001-09-13 00:30" code/build code/build/sbc.bat
cvs co code/build code/build/config/buildList.txt

I am using WinCVS with a Linux CVS server.


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