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Re: Adding description within changed files

From: Frank Thrum ( DAT TEC TI )
Subject: Re: Adding description within changed files
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 14:57:04 +0200

Christian Gudrian wrote:
> The "-m" is the flag for the message/comment that is embedded in the header
> of the file.

Right. But this sets the description right at the time of committing.
I would like to embed this description within the files itself using
special commands like $Id$ and such. I would comment my changes right
there where I do them: in the file. And I would then like CVS to read
through my files, extracting those comments and using them as


There is an RCS keyword "Log" which can help you.
Include a line with



below is somethin from %man co
          The log message supplied during checkin, preceded by  a
          header   containing  the  RCS  filename,  the  revision
          number, the author, and the date and time.  With -zzone
          a  numeric time zone offset is appended; otherwise, the
          date is UTC.  Existing log messages are  not  replaced.
          Instead,   the   new  log  message  is  inserted  after
          $Log:...$.  This is useful for accumulating a  complete
          change log in a source file.

          Each inserted line is prefixed by the string that  pre-
          fixes  the  $Log$ line.  For example, if the $Log$ line
          is  // $ $ , RCS prefixes each  line  of  the
          log  with " " """ .}S 1 3 " //  ." " " " "" "" "" "" ""
          "" This is useful for languages with comments  that  go
          to  the  end  of  the  line.   The convention for other
          languages is to use a  * prefix inside a multiline com-
          ment.  For example, the initial log comment of a C pro-
          gram conventionally is of the following form:

                * $Log$

          For backwards compatibility with older versions of RCS,
          if  the  log  prefix is /* or (* surrounded by optional
          white space, inserted log lines contain a space instead
          of  /  or  (;  however,  this  usage is obsolescent and
          should not be relied on.

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