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Using network shares as sandboxes

From: brent
Subject: Using network shares as sandboxes
Date: 17 Sep 2001 10:30:50 -0700

I have been informed that there are 'a thousand reasons' why
not to use network shares as sandboxes with CVS.

(----------------------- caer baedwin ---------------------------)

I do not recall this being in the CVS manual.  I have done a 
cursory scan of the manual again, to verify this.  Certainly, I know
that repositories should not be on network shares, but I haven't 
heard that sandboxes also need to be locally mounted hard drives.

I have been using CVS for two years now in various configurations.
In one situation we have used NFS mounted home directories as
sandboxes with no difficulties.  Presently I wish to use CVSNT 
as the repository server with Win2K shared drives as sandboxes.  
Mostly, these sandboxes will be accessed from Win2K machines, 
but we also have Linux machines wishing to use the same sandbox.  
Only one user would be actively using the sandbox (ie issuing a 
CVS command), but we wish to keep things on the network to make 
it easy to communicate and share files between team members.

I would appreciate it if anyone could let me know what the difficulties
are in using CVS in such a situation.


Brent S.A. Cowgill, B.A.Sc.

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