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Re: [Freepos-cvs] cvs and gnats link?

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Re: [Freepos-cvs] cvs and gnats link?
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 18:28:37 -0700
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address@hidden wrote:

We had a bug that toasted some product (see many $$ here).  Now management
wants a "formal" system of notification, complete with reports and and
appropriate sign off when changes take place.  With absolutely nothing for a
budget of course.  This sweeping bureacracy change is to include a bug
tracking system.   I've been looking at GNATS and would like to know if CVS
and GNATS can be linked.  From a developer standpoint, it would be most
convenient and less error prone to type the same information once rather
than twice.  I ran across a statement that ClearCase and GNATS could be
linked but didn't find any evidence to support it.   I'm also looking at
Bugzilla and Jitterbug.  What do you use?  Any recommendations?

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Bugzilla is the way to go on such a budget. Are you still using CC in-house? I have personally tied CC and Gnats together years ago using some fairly crude perl scripts. Not sure if I'd even remember how... it was a pre-commit trigger that opened a Gnats bug record. This was in early '98. I'll dig around to see if I still have the code.

When I last used Gnats, the back-end was flat files. That being the case, data could come into Gnats in pretty loose format, nearly free-form in some cases. That would of course, limit the searching and reporting.

That said, Bugzilla can be configured to email all sorts of folks at various triggers. Triggers in this case usually means an external event, perhaps as basic as someone changing states in an open bug.

CC's use of triggers here is the key: if you understand pre- and post- operation triggers, you can make this work. One drawback to bugzilla, though: it is entirely web-centric. I don't <think> there's a CLI for it.

Email me off-list, Jeanie, if you would like to see how Bugzilla functions. I'll setup a hosted account for you.
John Minnihan

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