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RE: cvs and gnats link?

From: Chris Cameron
Subject: RE: cvs and gnats link?
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:48:58 +1200

The linkage we have in place between CVS and gnats is the following:
a. in parts of our repository you have to enter a gnats PR and database into
the log message
b. if a gnats PR and database are in the cvs log message, the PR must be in
a defined state for the commit to succeed
c. the cvs log message is automatically added to the top of the fix: field
in the gnats PR

That is all we have.

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> Subject: cvs and gnats link?
> We had a bug that toasted some product (see many $$ here).  Now management
> wants a "formal" system of notification, complete with reports and and
> appropriate sign off when changes take place.  With absolutely
> nothing for a
> budget of course.  This sweeping bureacracy change is to include a bug
> tracking system.   I've been looking at GNATS and would like to
> know if CVS
> and GNATS can be linked.  From a developer standpoint, it would be most
> convenient and less error prone to type the same information once rather
> than twice.  I ran across a statement that ClearCase and GNATS could be
> linked but didn't find any evidence to support it.   I'm also looking at
> Bugzilla and Jitterbug.  What do you use?  Any recommendations?
> Jeanie
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