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Re: Can cvs support distributed development usage.

From: christian liesch
Subject: Re: Can cvs support distributed development usage.
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 13:36:32 +0200

"Yi Zhou (RD-CN)" wrote:
> Hello, I'm the new user of CVS and I have a question.
> Can cvs support distributed development usage? That is to say, if we have
> four CVS server,
> located in different place. But they are all used for just one project
> developing, each server stores
> different source code or binary data, if a developer want to check in/out
> the source code that does
> not exist on the local CVS server, local CVS server will provide a link
> pointing to the remote CVS server
> that stores what he want to check in/out.  For the developers, the whole
> four CVS servers are  just like one,
> at least just have a logical view. Or can CVS provide the mechanism
> synchronizing data on different CVS
> server automatily.

I think NFS could do the trick.
best regards

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