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cvs update with a tag

From: Kostur, Andre
Subject: cvs update with a tag
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 11:18:02 -0700

There seems to be an oddity when updating with a tag (in my case, branch).  Let's presume that I have a directory of 40 files, only 5 of which are on a branch.  If I do:

cvs update -f -r Branch

to update all files from the repository, the 5 on the branch being at that revision level, the remaining 35 all at the HEAD.  At least that's the intention.  What I seemed to end up with is the 5 on the branch being correct, and the other 35 claiming to have that tag, but not really.  As a result when I go and "cvs commit" one of the 35 files, CVS complains that the file isn't up-to-date.

Where's my error?

Using WinCVS v1.2 (the underlying CVS is v 1.11) against a Linux CVS repository.

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