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XML namespace for CVS keywords

From: Nik Clayton
Subject: XML namespace for CVS keywords
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 20:32:31 +0100
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Derek Price, the webmaster, suggested I mail these lists
with this suggestion.  I'm not on the lists, so I'd appreciate cc's of
replies.  Thanks.


Working on the FreeBSD documentation and website we currently embed
various CVS keywords around the text to show things such as when the page
was last modified.

Looking around for a better way to do this, I decided that using XML
namespaces might be more appropriate.  So somewhere in my XML document I
might have:


    <cvs:keywords xmlns="";>
      <cvs:keyword name="author">$Author$</cvs:keyword>
      <cvs:keyword name="date">$Date$</cvs:keyword>

      <!-- More cvs:keyword elements as necessary -->

    <!-- Rest of document -->


and then in my XSL stylesheet I might have:

    <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="";


        <!-- Include the last modified date -->
        <p>Last modified:
          <xsl:value-of select="//cvs:address@hidden'date']"/>


The advantage of using namespaces in this way is that I can embed CVS
keywords in to any XML document, whether it's marked up in XHTML,
DocBook, or some other DTD, knowing that I can correctly extract the
value of those keywords using an XSL stylesheet, without needing to use
any hacks to do so.

So, on to the purpose of this e-mail.

  1.  Would you folks at be interested in trying to propogate this scheme 
      as a standard way to embed CVS meta data into XML?  This would 
      probably require an announcement of some sort from
      yourselves, and a web page showing how document and stylesheet
      authors can use this (which I'd be happy to put together).

  2.  Propogate the URI

      or similar.  There doesn't need to be any documents at that URI,
      it just needs to be something that everyone who wants to use this
      scheme can agree on.

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FreeBSD Documentation Project 

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