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Re: cvs and gnats link?

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Re: cvs and gnats link?
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:09:45 -0700
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Another reader pointed to something called 'cvszilla'. If this works as indicated, it will glue Bugzilla and CVS together " the hip".

I intend to test this app & will be delighted if it functions as noted. I was about to go down that path myself (writing such a tool).

address@hidden wrote:

If we keep the cvs and bug tracking seperate, my life and the lives of the
engineers will be more complicated when what we want in convenience.
.  We will have to place comments in cvs and in the bug tracking system
independently. . When management wants a report, they want a 1:1 correspondence between
what code was touched, the comments and a list of everyone who touched the
file(s) in question.  It'll end up on my desk and I don't want to do it by
.  When a bug crops up, and they will, the management wants to "see" how we
are handling the issue ... they want to see these two items joined at the
I'm not saying that these two items can't be kept separate but selling the
idea that it's a much safer method of development would be much more
difficult.  They want to see everything connected.  After the last snafu,
their feeling "secure" is worth the time and effort to get CVS and a bug
tracking system to work together.

What would you ever enter twice? Bug reports go into GNATS, code goes
into CVS.

In your bug tracking system, you can make certain references to versions.
For example, a bug can be marked as having been discovered in release 'toaster_1_3' and laster marked as having been fixed in
'toaster_1_7'. Not by coincidence, these would correspond to release
tags in CVS.

John Minnihan

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