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Re: CVS newbie setup questions

From: David Taylor
Subject: Re: CVS newbie setup questions
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:54:56 -0700

Rather than attempt to explain the cause of each error message, the type of
errors suggest to me that it would be more helpful to point you to tutorials
providing a general overview of the steps for working with CVS:
Most concise, but it has the immediate answers you need.
Bit longer, but  has the answers
For a more verbose explanation
A fuller development, covering more areas
A chapter from Karl Fogel's online book. Worth the extra reading, if you want
to grasp the concepts as well as the steps.

Hope this helps,

Charlie Wu wrote:

> I'm trying to install cvs on solaris2.7 and am not able to get a file into
> my repository.. I'm pasting the script here.. can someone help?
> Thanks
> Charlie
> Script started on Tue Sep 18 14:02:39 2001
> address@hidden/users/home11/cwu}: echo $CVSROOT
> /users/home11/cwu/junk
> address@hidden/users/home11/cwu}: ls junk
> address@hidden/users/home11/cwu}: ls -l
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 cwu      other        174 Aug 16 20:11*
> address@hidden/users/home11/cwu}: cvs add
> cvs add: in directory .:
> cvs [add aborted]: there is no version here; do 'cvs checkout' first
> address@hidden/users/home11/cwu}: cvs checkout
> cvs [checkout aborted]: must specify at least one module or directory
> address@hidden/users/home11/cwu}: cvs commit
> cvs commit: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory
> cvs commit: nothing known about `'
> cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!
> address@hidden/users/home11/cwu}: uname -a
> SunOS pepsi 5.7 Generic_106541-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80
> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Taylor [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 1:25 PM
> To: David Rasmussen
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: CVS newbie questions
> I wouldn't be surprised if you're confused by the variety of answers you've
> received. At the risk of confusing you further, I'll add this:
> 1 - The simplest way to setup CVS is to access a repository on a local
> filesystem. Assuming, the CVS binary is in your PATH on the Solaris system,
> you
> can create a repository in the home directory of your Solaris account simply
> by
> logging in and typing "cvs -d cvsroot init". This will create a repository
> in
> the directory $HOME/cvsroot.  That's all you need to do, if you are willing
> to
> always transfer files from your home computers to the Solaris system (using
> or whatever) and checkin/checkout to CVS repository from there.
> 2 - But if explicitly transferring files doesn't suit you and you prefer to
> access the repository remotely, then I can tell you this: recently, I went
> through the archives of this mailing list and did an informal analysis of
> the
> "Subject" lines. Questions on problems setting up CVS for remote access may
> be
> the most frequently-asked questions. Unless you're comfortable doing
> sysadmin
> of a network service,  it's likely that you'll run into problems.
> I suggest first using a local filesystem (method #1) and getting familiar
> with
> CVS commands and normal operation, so you have a reference point,  before
> attempting  remote access (method #2).  If local access doesn't work (e.g.,
> if
> you can't get the path to the CVS binary correct), then remote access won't
> work either - but the error you get will probably be more baffling. So
> reduce
> the unknowns and first convince yourself that local access works.
> good luck,
> dtayl
> David Rasmussen wrote:
> > Hello there.
> >
> > Can I create a repository at my university solaris system, locally on my
> > account on the system, and use that repository from my portable computer
> and
> > from my stationary computer at home? How? I know nothing about CVS.
> >
> > David.
> >
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> >
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