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RE: Can cvs support distributed development usage.

From: Yi Zhou (RD-CN)
Subject: RE: Can cvs support distributed development usage.
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 20:43:40 +0800

Although cvsup can't do like what I want, I had a try using it to realize
Master/slave idear.

Setting up CVSUp server as the following steps:

1.Make an empty directory "/home/cvsroot/base". We'll call that directory
base. Cd into base and do a mkdir -p sup/test. 

2. Cd into sup/test and create a file named releases with one line in it
like this: 

    cvs list=list.cvs prefix=/home/cvsroot --It's my CVS repository.

3. In the same directory as the releases file, make a file named list.cvs.
It should contain a single line: 

    upgrade /home/cvsroot/download

4. Then running the server like this: 

    cvsupd -b /home/cvsroot/base -C 10 -l /dev/stdout

It works normally. 
        address@hidden test]# 2001.09.19 20:06:15 CST [4714]: CVSup server
        2001.09.19 20:06:15 CST [4714]: Software version: REL_16_1
        2001.09.19 20:06:15 CST [4714]: Protocol version: 16.1
        2001.09.19 20:06:15 CST [4714]: Ready to service requests

Then, creating a separate empty directory whereI'll run the client to
receive the updates from the server. I make a empty directory called dest.
In dest, make a file supfile that looks like this: 

    *default host=localhost
    *default base=.
    *default release=cvs
    *default delete use-rel-suffix

 Make sure the server is running, and then, still in dest, run cvsup in the
usual way. The simplest command is this: 
 cvsup -g -L 2 supfile

Here the error occured:
It reported 
        address@hidden test]$ cvsup -g -L 2 supfile 
        Parsing supfile "supfile"
        Connecting to localhost
        Connected to localhost
        Server software version: REL_16_1
        Negotiating file attribute support
        Exchanging collection information
        Server message: Unknown collection "download"
        Establishing multiplexed-mode data connection
        Skipping collection download/cvs
        Shutting down connection to server
        Finished successfully

I tried  many times, it always reported it like that. I do not know the
reason. Anyone can help me to locate the error reason ?

        Many thanks

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