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Problems removing directories

From: Oliver Sander
Subject: Problems removing directories
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 14:58:26 +0200

Hi all, 

I'm rather new to CVS but the designated admin here at our company. My
problem is as follows: There's already a lot of code in the repository.
Now I want to delete some files AND directories and add new files,
because we changed parts of the directory structure. We want to get from




Additionally, it's not only about moving files, but there are major
changes between all the file.jsp's.

I tried tagging the old state as "oldver" , deleting, committing,
adding, committing. But when I then tried to rollback to "oldver", the
deleted directories /dir/sub1/ etc. didn't show up, they were gone.
Fortunately, I had my backups ready.

So what is your idea guys?!

Thanx in advance for your time and advice, 

Oliver Sander

P.S. Please reply also to my pm, because I have sometimes problems
receiving mailing lists here.

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