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Re: The future of CVS & Subversion

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: The future of CVS & Subversion
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 10:00:27 -0700

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>I can't seem to find any relevant information on this question (and I 
>hope I don't start a total flame-fest).

>Is subversion ( the future of CVS, or is 
>it being developed by a totally separate group of individuals?

It's a different group of individuals.

>And has subversion been looked at close enough to be determined that it 
>would be a desirable direction to go for current CVS users?

Their stated goal is to make Subversion be command-line compatible with
CVS, only with fewer problems (e.g. fast application of tags, ability
to reorganize the source tree, extensible merge mechanism).  Their one
big hole right now is a viable tool to convert a CVS repository into a
Subversion repository.

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