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Re: renaming a directory in the checkout / recursive add and commit for

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: Re: renaming a directory in the checkout / recursive add and commit for all subdirs
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 14:51:33 -0400 (EDT)

[ On Friday, September 21, 2001 at 00:44:42 (-0700), Paul Sander wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: renaming a directory in the checkout / recursive add and commit 
> for all subdirs
> Only about 10% of the developers I know have ever opened the manual to
> their version control tool.  They rely instead on quick reference cards
> and get by with the minimum effort.

Then 90% of the developers you know are very poor engineers.  No
question about it.

> And peer reviews don't usually include commit comments at the moment
> they're written.

Who says they have to be?  Peer review is all about learning how to do
it better next time so that your peers don't have to fix your mistakes.

> I think you're the one living elsewhere.  In my world, merges are avoided
> like the plague, the developers preferring to minimize the number of
> large merges performed.  CVS makes merging easier when sharing a branch,
> but the old habits when working on isolated branches remain.

In my world, where software maintenance makes up 95% of every program's
lifetime, merges of one form or another make up well over half of the
work done.

> And every developer I know uses diff regularly.  But they're familiar
> only with the standard Unix tools and plus the ones in their personal
> toolkits.  They really are unaware of patch until I tell them about it.

Then you should chastise them for not reading their manuals properly.

> And no, they don't read the CVS manual because either a) they don't use
> Emacs,

Now you're really WAY off in hyperspace Paul.  What the hell does emacs
have to do with reading the friggin manual!?!?!?!?!?  Have you neve
heard of the dead tree version?  How about the HTML version?  Maybe
you've forgotten there's a PDF too?  And how anyone anywhere could ever
confuse the 'info' browser with Emacs stuns me to no end!

> or b) they're not interested in learning all of the nuances of
> CVS (preferring instead to learn the minimum to get by).

This isn't a bloody 'nuance' man!  It's a prominently discussed tool in
the manual!  Why the number of times the word 'patches' alone appears
should get anyone with two neurons to rub together to start asking what
the heck they are and how to deal with them!

> None of this means they're poor software engineers; it just means that
> they're more interested in solving their problems, not jumping through
> hoops with the uninteresting version control system.

I think you'd better go learn what it means to be an engineer.  I might
not be a "Professional Engineer(tm)", but I've been a practicing
engineer (in the traditional definition) almost all of my life.  I can
assure you that if you don't RTFM then you cannot be an engineer, almost
by definition, and certainly never a Professional Engineer(tm).  (You
could read the code, and be a better engineer, I guess, but I can't
expect everyone to do that I guess.)

> >hint:  try "cvs log a/b/a.c"  You will be able to discover the correct
> >pathname to use courtesy the (re)birth comment you were supposed to have
> >written in the first revision of the added file, i.e. the file who's
> >pathname you do know.
> Tried that.  Didn't work without having a/b in the workspace.  That
> meant having to do an "update -d" to get it.  It's all in the transcript
> of my prior message.

OK, so there's a bug.  Have you reported it?  Do you have a fix?

In the mean time "cvs rlog modulepath/a/b/a.c" will work (and without
any working directory, obviously).

                                                        Greg A. Woods

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