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Bidirectional repository synchronization with CVSup - how?

From: Art Eschenlauer
Subject: Bidirectional repository synchronization with CVSup - how?
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 15:40:23 -0500


We develop software using CVS as an SCM tool. Our developers are
located at multiple sites linked by a moderate-speed,
moderate-reliability network. CVSup seems like the tool to use to

We need to discover or learn about a method whereby changes checked
into one repository may be pulled into copies of that repository
located at our multiple other locations; in effect, each repository
must "become the master" for changes submitted to it so that those
changes can be replicated to other repositores.

I have read the CVSup FAQ, especially questions 40-42, which tell me
most of what I want to know (including how not to give two revisions
produced in two different replicas the same revision number). However,
the FAQ does not make it clear whether it is possible and realistic to
set up a CVSup replication schedule such as:
Location A repeatedly performs { A<-B A<-C A<-D }
Location B repeatedly performs { B<-A B<-C B<-D }
Location C repeatedly performs { C<-A C<-B C<-D }
Location D repeatedly performs { D<-A D<-B D<-C }

Is this a reasonable way to proceed?  
Has anyone observed and documented pitfalls for this approach?

By the way, 
 - we are using compression, but it doesn't eliminate our problem
 - we have found that the performance is too low to have 
                 or commit to a single master repository
 - bitkeeper is not (yet) an option for us

Thank you.


Art Eschenlauer, Director of Methodology, Sufficient Systems, Inc.
address@hidden; 612 518-7261
10 2nd St. N.E., Suite 107, Minneapolis, MN 55413
"War is Mankind's most stupid invention."

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