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Slow Commits

From: Mark Herrick
Subject: Slow Commits
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 18:42:44 +0100


I've set up a Debian box with CVS to handle version control at our
site. Developers use WinCVS on their workstations connecting with
PServer. I'm neither a linux or CVS expert, but everything seems to be
running smoothly apart from one problem. I have Exim running as the
mail server, and CVS commits (which I've configured to mail the rest
of the team with the commit log) take ages to complete. If I remove
the mail command from the CVS files, commits finish in about 2
seconds. With the mail command in they take over 30 seconds. When
sending mail locally from the Debian box there is no noticable delay.
Anyone got any idea whats going on?

Mark Herrick

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