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Re: 3rd party software import deleted file issue

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: Re: 3rd party software import deleted file issue
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 18:35:51 -0400
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On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 05:03:25PM -0400, Murray, Joe wrote:
> We often import
> new releases of a 3rd party source tree. We have recently received a
> software release that has had major modifications including the deletion
> of many depricated files. The files are no longer needed but still
> appear when we check out the current verion. We are running this on
> Solaris 2.8 (CVS version 1.10.7)and on Linux RH 6.2 (CVS version
> 1.10.7).
> [...]
> cvs import -m "Import of sw release SEP01" sw DSRSW SEP01
> [many files are no longer included in this release]
> It imported fine and we then did a checkout as follows:
> cvs co sw

The checkoiut looks like the problem.  CVS deals with this
situation, but it only seems to do so during a merge, not during
a fresh checkout.  Try this:
  - Find a sandbox that hasn't yet been "cvs update"d since
    you did the import

  - Back it up!  It's a valuable resource; if this doesn't work
    the first time, you'll want an unmodified version of the
    sandbox with which to try again (the following step doesn't
    modify the repo -- only the subsequent commit does that --
    but it DOES modify the sandbox)

  - In that sandbox, do:
        cvs update -jMAY01 -jSEP01
    (assuming "MAY01" is the release tag from the next-to-latest

You might also be able to get away with doing the merge in a new
sandbox.  It worked for me, but there may well be situations my
quickie test didn't cover:
        cvs co sw
        cd sw
        cvs update -jMAY01 -jSEP01

Also, 1.10.7 is *ancient*.  Upgrade to the current version,
1.11.1p1, on both client and server.  There might have been
improvements to its handling of this situation.

The alternative to all of this is to manually "cvs rm" the
obsolete files.  (That used to be standard procedure in importing
a new version of third-party sources, before the
deleted-file-detection code appeared.)


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