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CVS ignore behaviour

From: David Sitsky
Subject: CVS ignore behaviour
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 16:15:04 +1000

I realise this has been asked/reported many times before.

When doing a cvs import, it ignores directories called "core" by default, 
when probably the original intention was to ignore core files.  In my 
searches, I have noticed this problem has always existed in CVS, and has been 
reported way back in 95.  I couldn't find any responses to the bug reports 

I have recently done some imports of some third party softwares, and a 
surprising number of them have a "core" directory.  I have also had to deal 
with "tags" directories too.  I know the workaround is to use -I \! on the 
command line.

Is it the case that the CVS developers have decided not to change this 
behaviour, for backward compatibility reasons?


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