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Re: Login/Authentication Problems With WinCVS

From: Stuart Harvey
Subject: Re: Login/Authentication Problems With WinCVS
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 23:53:43 GMT

It always seems to work this way  ...  I send a question to the
newsgroup then I solved the problem myself.

I had the training module selected in the "modules" frame.  It appears
that WinCVS is using the active module to determine the username and
server to connect to.  When I selected a folder that wasn't a CVS module
I was able to login to a different server.

Many Thanks


Stuart Harvey wrote:
> Using WinCVS I am unable to login to a different server.  We have a
> training server (train) and a production server (cvs) for CVS, both
> servers are configured to use pserver.  During training I set the
> CVSROOT path to the training server.  Now I am trying to connect to the
> production server.  The CVSROOT path has been changed in the preferences
> to valid path on the server.
>     address@hidden:/data/CVS_REPOSITORY
> When I attempt to login it appears that WinCVS is attempting to connect
> to the training server.  I get the following error.
>     cvs login: can only use pserver method with `login' command
>     cvs [login aborted]: CVSROOT:
> address@hidden:/local/data/CVS_REPOSITORY
> Am I missing something.  Your help is greatly appreciated.
> Stuart

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