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Automating CVS

From: raptor
Subject: Automating CVS
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 11:38:18 +0300


I've been using CVS for a while (as a client), but now I'm seeting my own
CVS server and have some questions, so there are :

I'm in the following situation i want to have a couple of Dev servers i.e.
one example :

|--------<-----------< PrimaryDevServer
|--------<-----------< myLocalDev
|--------<-----------< Developer1LocalDev
|--------<-----------< Developer2LocalDev
|--------<-----------< ProductionServer
|-- > CVS repository

The main problem is with PrimaryDevServer 'cause it is somewhere on the
Internet (not local, in my case it the same server where the CVS-repository
is) but all the developers must have access to it and make
commits/updates/etc ... so what happens then  I have to give them telnet/ssh
access so that they can login and commit their changes.. (not good solution
especialy if U take in account that their connection speed is very bad, mine
is not superb too).
Also every developer has to take care about the PrimaryDev-server and
his-own-devserver CVS stuff.. (the other problem is that the CVS server can
be NT so they can't login to the server and commit their changes)

Is there some workaraound that can take care of automating those stuff so
that :
1. All developers has to be able to directly edit the files on
PrimaryDevServer (currently via FTP)
2. All developers has to WORRY mostly of their own dev server when it comes
to CVS commits/updates/etc, but still PrimaryDevServer has to be up-to-date

May be I'm searching for some AUTOMATING tool.... which can gratiously
handle Conflicts.. or in short I want to remove the burden of the Developers
(but also my burden 'cause I'm also developer :") )
How u solve such problems...

Thanx in advance

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