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Re: removing Dir from CVS control

From: raptor
Subject: Re: removing Dir from CVS control
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:03:12 +0300

| Although what I think he is asking, is that he has a working directory
| contains a subdirectory, and wants to remove the subdirectory from CVS
| control so that when in the main working directory, CVS will not try to
| recurse into the subdirectory.  Correct?

]- somthing like that.. the situation is the following..

   |---- dir1
   |---- dir2
   |---- dirX

so when I imported the project it get all directories in CVS repository, but
I don't want dirX to go there,
so now I have to remove it from CVS-control 'cause it it something like
temporary directory and have nothing to do with source-code tracking :"|

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