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Re: removing Dir from CVS control

From: Stuart Donaldson
Subject: Re: removing Dir from CVS control
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:24:41 -0700
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Ok then...

If you are absolutely sure you want no CVS concept of the directory, you can go into the repository and remove it. However this removes that directory and its contents. There will be no going back, and no history maintained.

The best way is to import the directory without dirX in the first place. But once that is done, your only answer that I know of is to directly edit the repository.

assuming your repository is in /cvs (ie: CVSROOT=/cvs) then you should see your project as /cvs/rootdir (using the names you supplied below.) You should be able to remove /cvs/rootdir/dirX. You should make sure that nobody has the project checked out, because their working CVS/Entries file will contain a reference to dirX which no longer exists in the repository. If they do have the project checked out, they will get warnings when using CVS in that project until they edit and fix the CVS/Entries file.

/bin/rm -rf /bin/laden

raptor wrote:

| Although what I think he is asking, is that he has a working directory
| contains a subdirectory, and wants to remove the subdirectory from CVS
| control so that when in the main working directory, CVS will not try to
| recurse into the subdirectory.  Correct?

]- somthing like that.. the situation is the following..

  |---- dir1
  |---- dir2
  |---- dirX

so when I imported the project it get all directories in CVS repository, but
I don't want dirX to go there,
so now I have to remove it from CVS-control 'cause it it something like
temporary directory and have nothing to do with source-code tracking :"|

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