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Re: viewcvs

From: schmolle
Subject: Re: viewcvs
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 08:27:39 +0000


"Schwenk, Jeanie" wrote:
>I get "There are <n> files, but none match the current tag (None)".
>I had the same problem with cvsweb

So did I. The solution (I think) was to install the RCS toolkit. (several 
utilities that together make up RCS).

CVS, in a long distant past, used to use those programs, but doesn't anymore. 
Several add-ons, however, still do. I know that cvsweb is one of them.

This explains why your CVS functions perfectly OK, but cvsweb, which appears to 
just use CVS functions on your behalf, doesn't.



ps: I am about 2600-odd emails behind, so my aplogies if this has been answered 
before and/or two months ago.

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