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strange behavior

From: raptor
Subject: strange behavior
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 16:05:00 +0300

hi, me again...

I'm tring to get the idea what comes on the STDIN on a loginfo-script, but
meanwhile I got strange behavior, when I was tring to see what happens if
there is several files to be commited (but from different directories).

Scenario :


OK, I make change on both files.. then ..

cd /project/blah
cvs -d stuff -m '' ci

What happens is that only "/project/blah/test2/testfile2" is commited, if I
issue :
cvs -d stuff -m '' ci
again.. the "/project/blah/testfile1" is also updated.
The questions is isn't it expected that on the first commit both files has
to be updated in CVS-repository...
And the consequance is that I can understand what I will get on the STDIN on
my loginfo-script..

Any ideas

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