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large file hangs/fails

From: stefan
Subject: large file hangs/fails
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 12:05:08 -0400

I'm using cvs 1.11 on a Linux 2.2 (RedHat 6.0) machine,
and when I try to add a large (21MB) binary file (Windows executable)
to a directory, I get the following when I "commit":

RCS file: /usr/local/cvsroot/stefan1/MSDEx86.exe,v
Checking in MSDEx86.exe;
/usr/local/cvsroot/stefan1/MSDEx86.exe,v  <--  MSDEx86.exe
initial revision: 1.1
cvs [commit aborted]: cannot read /usr/local/cvsroot/stefan1/MSDEx86.exe,v: 
Input/output error

I did not run out of disk space in /usr/local/cvsroot, /tmp or /var.
And I don't think I ran out of memory -- I have 64MB of RAM, and there's
nothing else happening on the box right now.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve this problem?
I'm trying to migrate my company's source from MS SourceSafe to CVS,
and I really want this to work. Thanks

- Stefan Reitshamer

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