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Re: CVS access control

From: Tobias Brox
Subject: Re: CVS access control
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 21:57:10 +0400
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[Andrew McGhee - Thu at 06:18:24PM +0100]
> But - for external access, we need to encrypt the connection to the server,
> so I am hoping there is some method of doing SSH tunnelling (not using the
> standard SSH connection method, as per WinCVS).

Read the ssh documentation.

The ssh tunnel can only be initiated by someone that have access to the cvs
server.  This might be a limitation.  Anyway, I guess it's possible to make
i.e. one "tunnel" user that has a well-known password, and that can't run a

To initiate a tunnel, read the CVS manual - I think the right option is
"-L".  The tunnel works by forwarding connections - i.e. any connections to
the pserver port at localhost (the client computer) can be forwarded over
the tunnel to pserver port at the remote host (CVS server).

At the remote host, you might restrict the access for the pserver port down
to just localhost.

I haven't thought much through this suggestion, but I guess it should work
and be secure.

Unemployed hacker
Will program for food!

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