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Re: Right Permissons !?

From: Chris Barker
Subject: Re: Right Permissons !?
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:24:05 -0700

Larry Jones wrote:
> a directory, you have to set the SGID bit (chmod g+s) on the directory.
> You probably want to go ahead and do that to all of the directories in
> your repository, with the possible exception of the CVSROOT directory.

Thanks, I've got that now.

"Greg A. Woods" wrote:
> It's really quite simple once you understand unix-style file and
> directory access controls and once you understand how RCS operations are
> done on repository files.

I figured as much but my understanding of both of those is still pretty

> Well, there's the source of one of your confusuions -- you really do not
> want to use cvspserver for anything but anonymous read-only access.  Use
> real accounts and use RSH/SSH for remote client access.

After reading this mailing list for a day, that seems to be pretty
clear. Unfortunately, while I'm sure the info is there in the manual,
going through it to figure out how to set it up did not make thaqt
clear. It's time for me to figure out how to use rsh instead. I'm right
now reading the section: "Connecting with rsh", and I'm still somewhat

The remote users are running windows and WinCVS: can they use rsh? all
the examples I see are for pserver. I'll keep RTFMing ...

> Because that's the way unix-style file and directory access controls
> dictate that RCS operations can be performed.

Thanks, I think I'm getting it now.

> Don't worry about the files (so long as they are mode 0444).  Only the
> directories matter.....

OK, and I did chmod g+s on all the directories, and set all of them to
group cvs. It still doesn't work. A remote user on WinCVS adds a
directory, puts a file in it and adds that, and all seems fine from
there, but non of the other users get that new directory when they do an

> If you're still having problems then they may be in part due to the use
> of cvspserver.
> Turn off pserver and use RSH/SSH instead.

Maybe that will take care of it. If I can jsut figure out how to get it
to work with WinCVS....

Thanks for your help.


Christopher Barker,
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