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Re: As if there wasn't enough discussion about access control...

From: yap_noel
Subject: Re: As if there wasn't enough discussion about access control...
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 10:21:59 -0400

>Jimmy Rimmer writes:
>> Currently, access is through group permissions; if you're a member of
>> 'cvs' group on the Linux box, you have full access the repository.  But
>> you're not...
>> I'd like to be able to establish some sort of "checkout-only" access for
>> folks in marketing.  Is there a way to create such a thing using Unix
>> permissions?  Or do I need to dig into the administrative files?
>You can do it with file permissions -- simply give "other" read access
>to the files and read/execute access to the directories.  You'll also
>need to set LockDir in your CVSROOT/config file to some world-writable
>directory for the lock files.

I think he has a need to prevent even read access to others (except
developers and marketers).  I see no way to do this without using file
system ACLs.


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