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Re: merge or branch?

From: Stephen Cameron
Subject: Re: merge or branch?
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:06:18 -0700 (PDT)

> From: Christine & Freight (address@hidden)
> I am having a dispute with a co-worker over how to do something in CVS.  I
> was wondering if anyone out there can help?  Here's the situation:
> A branch (let's call it branchA) gets created off the main line.  Then, at
> some point in time, a branch (branchB) gets created off of branchA.
> Development continues down branchA, and a new directory, with new files,
> gets added and committed on branchA.  This new directory is obviously not on
> branchB, since it was created after branchA was created.
> Question: how does one get the new directory from branchA onto branchB?

I would merge the branchA changes into branchB

cvs co -r branchB everything
cd everything
cvs update -d -j branchB_origin -j branchA new_directory
cvs commit -m 'merged new_directory from branchA'

You did create a tag (branchB_origin, above) to mark the 
beginning of branchB, right?

Also, partial merges like this, (mergiing in _just_ the new_directory)
instead of the whole branch, can make it difficult to keep track of 
what's merged and what's not later on, so be careful and use tags 
liberally to keep things straight.. So you'd probably want to tag
branchA to indicate which portion was merged into branchB.

Something like:

cvs rtag -r branchB_origin branchA_merged_to_branchB everything
cvs rtag -F -r branchA branchA_merged_to_branchB new_directory

so that future merges from A to B could use this tag as a starting 
point and not have re-merge the same changes again.

-- steve

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