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Cannot unsubscribe

From: Luna, Glen
Subject: Cannot unsubscribe
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 12:06:21 -0400

I remember in the past watching people asking to unsubscribe from this list.
I had to laugh at their ignorance. It seems so easy - just send an email to
address@hidden and let the ezmlm app handle it from
there. it is my turn to unsubscribe. But, no matter what I do I cannot
get the exmlm program to cancel my subscription from this mailing list. My
company did change hands and therefore changed domain names (twice) since I
first subscribed. I did force an unsubscribe email to the ezmlm program
using all email address variations (3), each time receiving either a
"confirmation number invalid" reply or a response stating that my address
was not on the list. 

I finally sent an email to address@hidden; hopefully human
intervention will remedy the situation.

I just wanted the group to know that unsubscribing is not always so

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