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Re: Right Permissons !?

From: Chris Barker
Subject: Re: Right Permissons !?
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 10:36:14 -0700

raptor wrote:
> What I've done was to set 'cvs' as a primary group for all the developers..
> and to give 'cvs' group write access to the whole repository.... Don't know
> is this is the right way but it seems to work...!!

This should work, but it's not necessary. I just went through all this
myself, and all the users accessing CVS have to be in the cvs group, but
not as their promary group. To get it to work right, you set the group
sticky bit(I think that's what it's called) on all the directories in
the repository with the command:

chmod g+s dirname

THis in Linux, apparently it's not required on all systems

And make sure all the directories are group cvs. 

chgrp cvs dirname

(You can use a find command to do it on the whole tree at once, if it's

>From now on all the files adn directories created should be set to group
cvs, and you are all set.


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