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Re: merge or branch?

From: Christine & Freight
Subject: Re: merge or branch?
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 00:38:44 GMT

Thanks Steve.

Yep, I created a branch origin tag, so I know where the branch forked off.

I appreciate the help!


"Stephen Cameron" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> > From: Christine & Freight (address@hidden)
> > I am having a dispute with a co-worker over how to do something in CVS.
> > was wondering if anyone out there can help?  Here's the situation:
> >
> > A branch (let's call it branchA) gets created off the main line.  Then,
> > some point in time, a branch (branchB) gets created off of branchA.
> >
> > Development continues down branchA, and a new directory, with new files,
> > gets added and committed on branchA.  This new directory is obviously
not on
> > branchB, since it was created after branchA was created.
> >
> > Question: how does one get the new directory from branchA onto branchB?
> I would merge the branchA changes into branchB
> cvs co -r branchB everything
> cd everything
> cvs update -d -j branchB_origin -j branchA new_directory
> cvs commit -m 'merged new_directory from branchA'
> You did create a tag (branchB_origin, above) to mark the
> beginning of branchB, right?
> Also, partial merges like this, (mergiing in _just_ the new_directory)
> instead of the whole branch, can make it difficult to keep track of
> what's merged and what's not later on, so be careful and use tags
> liberally to keep things straight.. So you'd probably want to tag
> branchA to indicate which portion was merged into branchB.
> Something like:
> cvs rtag -r branchB_origin branchA_merged_to_branchB everything
> cvs rtag -F -r branchA branchA_merged_to_branchB new_directory
> so that future merges from A to B could use this tag as a starting
> point and not have re-merge the same changes again.
> -- steve
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