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From: raptor
Subject: Re: CVSROOT
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 13:39:35 +0200

one more thing it still seems that when I go into the working copy and try
to execute CVS-commands it again doesn't use CVSROOT envoirment variable but
what is set into ./CVS/Repository..
What I should do remove/modify all Repository files  !!!?
Thanx in advance

PS. Isn't Repository files created every time u check-out ... if I follow my
thought it means that if I create working copy via normal-method but then I
want to use it via say :pserver: method, I'm in big trouble ... i.e.
I can't override repository pointed by ./CVS/Repository file with CVSROOT.
Isn't it closer to the mind to think that CVSROOT has the precedence over
all other methods of specifyng Repository except -d option... or I'm missing

| Yep that was exactly the problem ... Thanx alot ...

| | > I'm tring to set :
| | > CVSROOT=:pserver:address@hidden:/path/to/cvs
| | > export CVSROOT
| | >
| | > But I'm still getting errors when I try to login !!!
| |
| | One possible pitfall, if ./CVS/Repository exists, it takes precendence
| over
| | $CVSROOT.  That is, you either have to use the -d-switch, or be in a
| | directory not controlled by CVS before beeing able to log in.

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