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handling config files

From: raptor
Subject: handling config files
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 16:37:54 +0200


I want to ask U how u handle configuration files..what I have in mind...Say
we have a development server and production server.. but the difference is
that for example u store uploaded images on the Dev server at directory :
but on production server it is on :

(u still have /sites/ dir but it is on other disk)

so U set those variables in config file /sites/config/ and this
file is under CVS control, what is the problem here. Both must be
different ('cause they represent different file structures), but U still
want when u add new Variable in the it to be updated on the, on the other hand U want to preserve the values that u
have on Production server, but not edit them by hand every time u make
Update on the Production server.

So what u do in those cases !?

1. Copy temporarily this file off-site, make "cvs update", return it back
(overwrite dev-version), manualy edit it if some new stuff are added
2. make a Selective update dir by dir (not the whole repository at once, so
that this config file is not touched)
3. Remove this file from CVS control and copy it manualy when needed (very
ugly u may loose usefull info)
OR u do it in some more clever way ?
WHAT if u have many files like this and manual editing become a nightmare ?!

Thanx alot in advance

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