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RE: CVS diff --exclude excluded

From: Mark Hewitt
Subject: RE: CVS diff --exclude excluded
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 09:33:53 -0000


That seems to work!  Thanks very much for your time.


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> Subject: Re: CVS diff --exclude excluded
> Mark Hewitt writes:
> >
> > In the CVS (1.11.1pl1) source, the GNU option '--exclude' is
> > explicitly omitted from the command line parser data structures
> > with a comment saying it did not seem applicable for CVS.
> That's because CVS only diffs two files at a time -- the recursion is
> handled by CVS, not by diff.
> > The problem is that if this build directory exists when I do the
> > 'cvs diff -r <last_tag>', then the diff aborts telling me there
> > is no version in the repository for 'build'.  So the ideal fix is
> > for me to tell diff to exclude this part of the tree, but I cannot
> > because cvs will not pass that one on.
> No, you need to tell CVS to exclude that part of the tree.  Have you
> tried creating a .cvsignore file in the parent directory that
> lists the
> build directory?
> -Larry Jones
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