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RE: diff-iculties

From: Andy Baker
Subject: RE: diff-iculties
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 15:33:14 -0000

Belay that... Worked out the CVS (diff3) is doing a /much/ better job

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Subject: Re: diff-iculties

In article <address@hidden>, Andy Baker wrote:
>I might be being more thick than usual today, 
>but shouldn't the following two examples 
>essentially produce the same result?...
>   cvs up -jrev1 -jrev2 file
>   cvs diff -rrev1 -rrev2 file >patch
>   patch file <patch

The patch program does not handle three-way merging. It tries to patch
the diff hunks into the source text; if it cannot figure out where a
hunk goes, it writes it into a .rej (reject) file. Unlike CVS, patch
doesn't have access to the ancestral version.

However, the CVS merge operation you are doing *is* quite similar to the
actions of the GNU diff3 utility (when that is invoked in a certain way).

Also note that you should make a context diff to maximize the chances
of patch working properly; if the file being patched is different from
the patch base, it needs the context lines to guess where the changes
need to be applied.

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Then why is it going to a public mailing list and Usenet newsgroup? :)
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