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RE: Retrieve lost file back

From: Rajesh Patwardhan
Subject: RE: Retrieve lost file back
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 11:46:59 -0500

Thanks for the response.

Yes I tried to do multiple updates.

And the last time there was a conflict but only due to $Id$ so that is not too bad to fix, but is there a way or a workaround since I am in a tight spot as I want this file back in the directory as well as on the same note there are one more problem.

Some of the files from Windows machines were checked in to CVS. Now due to case insensitive ness on windows the file got into CVS as where it should have been 

now when I try

1) remove the file and add cvs complains that the file exists.
Similarly I have a file which should have been ( cvs 1.11 on solaris 7)

Please do help me with a way to get the files with proper names in the cvs working directory not in the attic since as per your mail multiple tries of update have probably made it impossible to bring back into the working directory. ( Would a physical move of the files with proper file name from attic into working directory in the repository help as a last resort).

Thank you once again for the help.


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Subject: Re: Retrieve lost file back

Rajesh Patwardhan writes:
> I am trying to retrieve a file which was removed with a cvs remove.
> Now I do a cvs update -j removedversion -j removedversion -1 filename
> cvs updates the file into working directory and also points out some
> conflicts which I resolve and then try to -- commit --. The file I expect
> will come out from Attic and into the normal directory does not happen and
> still goes to the attic.

How can there be conflicts in this situation?  Did you already have a
version of the file in your working directory?

There is a bug in CVS where doing multiple updates on a resurrected file
removes the flag that tells CVS it needs to move it out of the Attic
when committed.

-Larry Jones

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want. -- Calvin

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