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Re: development on a branch

From: dale a schouten
Subject: Re: development on a branch
Date: 01 Nov 2001 11:03:22 -0800

dale a schouten <address@hidden> writes:

I've recieved a couple kind and helpful email responses that have lead me
to post some clarifications.  I am aware of the need to tag the points at
which I do successive updates so that I only get the changes since the last
synch, and I tried using the -kk option, but after the first synch up,
I invariably see a lot of conflicts related to keywords, whether expanded or
not.  It also seems to be inconsistent, i.e. I don't get every file that
changed on the mainline showing a conflict, and if I do -kkv instead of -kk
I see a different subset of files with conflicts, but there are still lots
of conflicts either way.

I'm using cvs version 1.10.7 on Redhat 6.2, is it possible that there
are known bugs relating to the problem I'm seeing?

Any advice appreciated.
As always, I may be reached at address@hidden if you so desire.


Dale Schouten

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