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Easy way to report commit comment with loginfo?

From: Czarnowski, Aric
Subject: Easy way to report commit comment with loginfo?
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 15:30:22 -0600

Jasdeep Singh has posted a similar request but I would like to be a
little more forthcoming.

Environment:  cvsnt (Build 27), CVS server on NT4.0 SP6a,
ntserver connections

We are using CVS to store testing scripts and tools and now development
is planning a move away from the ancient PVCS we are currently using.  I
am proposing CVS for obvious reasons.

I have most everything working as I expected but one feature that I
thought would be easy, and really require to get other developers on the
band wagon, is the ability to forward commit comments along with $USER
and %{sVv} information through loginfo scripts.  This just feels like it
should be easy.

I have read the Cederqvist, the public sections of _Open Source
Development With CVS_, browsed and poked around
the contrib directory at  Several places I have read imply
that comments are easily forwarded from loginfo actions but no script or
snippet I have found actually performs the job.

I am hoping, in vain I would bet, that there is an undocumented argument
that I could pass on the loginfo line to bring the comment across.  Or
is there a patch I can apply to the CVS sources to facilitate this?

Barring the above, is there a common "best practice" for extracting the
comment from a recently committed file using just the cvs executable?
CVS had done everything I need to this point so I've only played with
RCS half heartedly but would be open to any elegant solution provided.

If there are examples of Perl code (shell scripts are troublesome in our
completely Win32 environment) which do this that I have missed I would
appreciate a pointer or code snippet.  Other documentation pointers
would also be welcome.

Finally, our server currently only holds the ,v repository files and
does not sync sandboxes locally or on the network.  I would prefer not
having to begin keeping sandboxes for this logging purpose but if that
is what's required...


PS:  I have been lurking for a while and appreciate the efforts I've
seen.  Thanks.

Aric Czarnowski
Developer/Test Lead
Unimax Systems Corporation

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