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Re: Why can't root check in files?

From: luke . kendall
Subject: Re: Why can't root check in files?
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 11:34:37 +1100 (EST)

[This thread is about using cvs on files in /etc.]

On 18 Oct, Kaz Kylheku wrote:
>  Also I disagree about the ``as is'' to begin with. The file metadata such 
>  as permissions will not be properly versioned if the sandbox is made 
>  to serve as the deployment directory. Basically, the sandbox file 
>  will inherit its permissions from the corresponding ,v file in 
>  the repository. Changing the permissions on a ,v will affect all versions 
>  simultaneously, so the idea of recoverable configuration---which is 
>  the central concept in version control---goes out the window. 

No, the file metadata is recorded in a separate metadata file which is
itself under revision control.  So, none of the points above apply.

The only reason for giving the same permission and ownership to the ,v
files is to give them the same level of security as the live files.

>  You will get better version control if you just edit your /etc directory 
>  in place and do daily backups of it instead of fussing about with CVS. 

No, due to the above point.  Unless you'd also claim that you'd get
better revision control of source code by doing the same thing, and not
using cvs at all!

I think we'll just have to agree to differ.  I've been using it for a
month now, on several systems, and it's working very well and exactly
as I hoped, and causing no problems.

Once I've written up a good man page, I'll make it available for anyone
who wants it.

Thanks for the discussion, and best regards,


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