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Wind-up your mates with a prank call!

From: Computerized Prank Call Service
Subject: Wind-up your mates with a prank call!
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 07:07:06 -0000

 Joke Line Gold allows you to play lots of different gags on your family
friends or anyone else you really dislike!

 The Jokes take the form of bogus phone calls from a variety of demented
individuals who will confuse and bemuse your chosen target.

 Joke Line calls can be forwarded to any phone in the UK including mobile
phones. In this exciting new service you will actually hear the reaction of
your victim as he or she is wound up!

THE NUMBER TO CALL IS 09067 380 080 (calls cost £1/min)

Technical helpline 020 8387 8754

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