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ANT Install failed (any ANT-Newsgroups?)

From: Hans-Peter Maurer
Subject: ANT Install failed (any ANT-Newsgroups?)
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 16:24:55 +0100

Hello to everybody!
Problem: cannot call ant in c:/ant141/bin (Message: no such file -
no such command) (system windows 98)

- I installed ant binary according doc...
- i created my own build-file test.xml
- i created a batch in the same dir with the
the call: ant -buildfile test.xml
- but i got message: see above
my test:
- i created a test-batch-file in c:/ant141/bin
to test the path
-result: ok, i could call this batch
= path is ok!
but why i cant call ant.bat in bin? very strange?
please help me
annex: i couldnt find a build.xml in the ant-package--
i took a different one from xalan to copy the headerline
into my own build-file (=test.xml) is that ok?
Best from Germany
please contact: address@hidden
my dir-structure: c:/ant141/lib and bin
lib with jars and bin with ant/ant.bat/antrun.bat etc

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