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CVS / Visual Interdev

From: karl maynard
Subject: CVS / Visual Interdev
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 18:41:08 +0100


I need to set-up visual interdev to work with CVS, I have tried getting
Igloo to work with Interdev and I am having problems.....

I have a Win2000 development webserver, this has the Interdev server,
frontpage extensions etc on it. It also has igloo installed on it.

I have CVS set up on another server, which I can connect to from the
webserver using the command line CVS.

Everytime I try to add the web sources  to the CVS server I get an error:

"Cannot establish source control for the web application. The server does
not have a source control system installed on it, or the username is not

Does anyone have any experience of this, I would try another CVS-SCC
implementation but I cannot find any that are available to download.

karl maynard

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