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NewbieQ: What is wrong with this server config

From: Roger Glover
Subject: NewbieQ: What is wrong with this server config
Date: 5 Nov 2001 11:56:59 -0800

I have read the troubleshooting section of Cedarqvist's manual, the
CVSHome FAQ-o-matic, and as many other FAQs and references as I could
find.  I will gladly accept RTFM's as long as they come with
web-accessable references.

  Dell PowerEdge 2300,
  dual P500 processors,
  256Mb memory,
  plenty of disk space
  intranet only,
  DHCP client
  Red Hat Linux 6.1
  CVS 1.10.6

I am attempting to enable CVS password service (pserver) on the Linux
box so that anyone on my team can access it with WinCVS or gCVS from
within the LAN.  After entering the password I get the following

cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server synchronizer: Connection reset
by peer

Here is my inetd.conf line:
cvspserver      stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs -f
--allow-root=/home/cvsroot pserver

This is a relatively trusted internal environment, so I am using
/etc/passwd rather than the CVS passwd file.  I will be glad to
provide any other needed information.

Thanks in advance.

-- Roger Glover

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