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permission problem - maybe capitalization

From: Stanton, Curt (NCI/IMS)
Subject: permission problem - maybe capitalization
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 11:29:23 -0500

The problem that a collegue is having is that he couldn't commit a change he
made to a file.  We are using WinCVS 1.3b6.
Here is the error

cvs commit -m test SEERSTAT.IDE (in directory C:\Prj\SEERStat\client\)
Checking in SEERSTAT.IDE;
/sprj/imsdev/CVS/SEERStat/client/SEERSTAT.IDE,v  <--  SEERSTAT.IDE
new revision: 4.4; previous revision: 4.3
cvs [server aborted]: cannot rename file
/sprj/imsdev/CVS/SEERStat/client/,SEERSTAT.IDE, to
/sprj/imsdev/CVS/SEERStat/client/SEERSTAT.IDE,v: Permission denied

I was told that all the permissions are the same on all the files and
directories.  The only difference that he saw was that the files that he
couldn't commit were all CAPS.  Is it a problem to have a fiel all CAPS?
The server is on a unix box.  It is run using pserver.  Any help?

Thanks in advance
Curt Stanton 

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