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NEWBIE - Watching and email

From: Geo Nomore
Subject: NEWBIE - Watching and email
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 19:00:36 +0000

Hope someone can help me!

I am a new devloper at a place which has used successfully used CVS for a number of years. However we just use CVS in the default mode and now we want to expand our use by setting watches on files and then emailing the other devlopers when edits, unedits and commits have taken place. I have been chosen to set this up and I am having problems.

I have looked through the FAQ and Info-CVS Archives from March to November and have only found one reference to this specific problem I am having (April 4 2001) but no solution was posted.

Here is the scenario:
I know how to set the watches, the problem is getting the email part to work. The online help says to edit the notify file as follows

ALL mail %s -s \"CVS notification"\  Done this

Then it says

".....but to make this easy, CVS allows you to associate a notification address for each user. To do so create a file `users' in `CVSROOT' with a line for each user in the format user:value. Then instead of passing the name of the user to be notified to `notify', CVS will pass the value
(normally an email address on some other machine)"

So I created a user file in CVSROOT with a list of all of the devlopers

When another devloper edits one of the files I am watching (I am watching all of them) an email is sent but it is sent to an incorrect address and gets returned.

Either CVS or some other place is placing the CVS server name in front of the useremailaddress like this - username:CVSservername.useremailaddress

Any ideas on what I can do, or where I can look for more help?

Formerly a Geologist

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