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Permission denied on commit

From: Chuck
Subject: Permission denied on commit
Date: 6 Nov 2001 12:54:31 -0800

I am getting some very strange permission denied errors.  I an running
in client-server mode on a Solaris box, and connecting through WinCVS.
 All the files and directories in the repository are set to the same
writable group permissions, which each developer is a member of that

If I try to commit changes and I am not the owner of the directory, or
owner of the file, then I get the following error:

cvs commit -f -m Testing...ignore. DATAMTX.RC (in directory
Checking in DATAMTX.RC;
/sprj/imsdev/CVS/SEERStat/client/DATAMTX.RC,v  <--  DATAMTX.RC
new revision: 4.1; previous revision: 4.0
cvs [server aborted]: cannot rename file
/sprj/imsdev/CVS/SEERStat/client/,DATAMTX.RC, to
/sprj/imsdev/CVS/SEERStat/client/DATAMTX.RC,v: Permission denied

If I an the owner of either the directory or the file, then it works. 
I've looked at the permissions, and the directory and files are all
writable for the group, so I'm not sure what the problem is.  I've
seen some other people post about this issue, but I've never seen any
solutions.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks,

Chuck May
IMS, Inc.

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