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Re: Question about version numbers.

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: Question about version numbers.
Date: 07 Nov 2001 22:52:19 +0000
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address@hidden writes:

> Worse, some of the folks using the same tree -- some of them newbies to
> CVS -- can't see the tags, and get confused about which branch they're
> supposed to be working in.  (And no, I can't train, discipline, or
> even shout at these people. Which is okay, because this isn't a continual
> problem -- only occassional, but annoying nonetheless.)

[ ... ]

> The software development process I'm in may not be great, but it's
> better than a lot, and especially, it's better than before (which 
> was Version Control Using PKZip[tm]).  Waving you hands and saying
> that "desiring feature X means that you're doing something wrong"
> *may* be correct, but it's not useful.
> If CVS is so constraining on software development processes, they why
> doesn't the Cederqvist manual specify a software development process
> that *does* work with CVS?

I think that Cederqvist silently assumes that the developers will read
the manual, or at least behave as if they have.  This may be the real

James Youngman
Manchester, UK.  +44 161 226 7339
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